Range Rover Evoque: Sand

This program should be used for

This program should be used for terrain which is predominantly soft dry sand or deep gravel.

Note: If the vehicle is unable to gain traction in extremely soft, dry sand, switching DSC off may help. DSC should be switched on again as soon as the difficulty is overcome.

If the sand to be crossed is damp/wet, and sufficiently deep to cause the wheels to sink into the surface, the Mud-Ruts program should be used.



The maximum advisable wading depth is 500mm (19.7in). If the vehicle remains stationary in water above the door sill level, severe electrical damage may occur. Do not switch off the engine when

 Driver override options

Although Dynamic Stability Control is automatically engaged when a special program is selected, it can be turned off if required. See 91, DISABLING DSC. Hill Descent Control (HDC) will be automat

 System difficulties

Use of an incorrect program will impair the vehicle's response to the terrain and can reduce the life of the suspension and drive systems. If the system becomes partially inoperable for any re


 Using the dynamic radar cruise control

Setting the vehicle speed 1. Press the driving assist mode select switch to select dynamic radar cruise control. The dynamic radar cruise control indicator will illuminate. 2. Using the accelerator pedal, accelerate or decelerate to the desired vehicle speed (approximately 20 mph [30 km/h] or more

 Dynamic radar cruise control

This dynamic radar cruise control detects the presence of vehicles ahead, determines the current vehicle- to-vehicle distance, and operates to maintain a suitable distance from the vehicle ahead. The desired vehicle-to-vehicle distance can be set by operating the vehicle-to-vehicle distance switch.

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