Land Rover Range Rover Evoque L538 (2011–2018) Owner's Manual

      L Introduction
           L Important information
           L Symbols used in this handbook
      L Entering the vehicle
           L Unlocking the vehicle
           L Automatic relocking
           L Single-point/multi-point entry
           L Global opening
           L Keyless entry
           L Smart key check
           L Disarming if the smart key and keyless entry fail to work
           L Deactivating the alarm when triggered
           L Smart key system transmitters
           L Steering column lock
           L Deselecting valet mode
           L Operating the tailgate
           L Powered tailgate operation
           L Powered tailgate opening height
           L Programmed position loss
           L Changing the smart key batttery
      L Exiting the vehicle
           L Locking and arming the alarm
           L Lock confirmation
           L Single locking
           L Double locking
           L Mislock
           L Global closing
           L Keyless locking
           L Keyless global closing
           L Drive-away locking
           L Selecting valet mode
           L Interior protection
           L Battery-backed sounder
           L Tilt sensor
           L Door lock and release levers
      L Front seats
           L Manual seats
           L Electric seats
           L Stalled adjustment
           L Sitting in the correct position
           L Memory seats
           L Easy entry/exit
           L Head restraints
           L Integrated head restraints
           L Rear seat access (coupe models)
      L Rear seats
           L Folding and raising the rear seats
           L Rear seat head restraints
      L Steering wheel
           L Steering column
      L Occupant safety
           L Occupant safety using seat belts
           L Seat belt pre-tensioners
           L Seat belt safety
           L Seat belt checks
           L Seat belt reminder
           L Beltminder
           L Child seats
           L Child seat positioning
           L Recommended child seats
           L Child restraint check list
           L Isofix anchor points (not Australia)
           L Isofix child seat positions
           L Booster cushions
           L Installing an isofix child seat
           L Tether anchorage points (Australia only)
           L Attaching tether straps
           L Airbag supplementary restraint system (SRS)
           L Airbag operation
           L Disabling the passenger airbag (not Australia)
           L Front airbags
           L Side airbags
           L Curtain airbags
           L Airbag deployment effects
           L Airbag warning lamp
           L Airbag service information
           L Disability modifications
      L Exterior lights
           L Lighting control
           L Daytime running lamps
           L Headlamp courtesy delay
           L High beam assist
           L Auto lamps windscreen wiper detection
           L Condensation
           L Headlamps - driving abroad
           L Headlamp levelling (halogen only)
           L adaptive front lighting system (AFS)
           L hazard warning lamps
      L Interior lights
           L Interior lights locations
           L Interior lights intensity
           L Ambient lighting
      L Wipers and washers
           L Windscreen wipers
           L Rain sensor/speed sensitive wiper control
           L Rain sensor
           L Speed sensitive wipers
           L Drip wipe
           L Winter park position
           L Headlamp washers
           L Rear wiper
           L Wiper blade replacement
      L Windows
           L Electric windows and panoramic roof blind
           L Window reset
           L Anti-trap protection
           L Resonance with lowered windows
      L Mirrors
           L Exterior mirrors
           L Automatic powerfold mirrors
           L Mirror dip when reversing
           L Interior mirror
      L Blind spot monitoring
           L Blind spot monitor
           L Sensor blockage
           L System fault
      L Garage door opener
           L Garage door transceiver
           L Before programming
           L Programming
           L Rolling code device equipment programming
           L Reprogramming a single garage door opener button
           L To erase all programming
           L Entry gate programming
           L Information and assistance
      L Instrument panel
           L Vehicle information and settings menu
      L Message centre
           L Warning and information messages
           L Trip computer
           L Changing the display
           L Trip distance
           L Range
           L Units
           L Service interval indicator
      L Warning lamps
           L Warning lamps
           L Bulb check
           L Critical warning message (red)
           L Low oil pressure (red)
           L Brake systems (red)
           L Parking brake (red)
           L Battery charge (red)
           L Seat belt (red)
           L Engine malfunction (amber)
           L General warning/information message (amber)
           L Brake systems (amber)
           L Dynamic stability control (amber)
           L Dynamic stability control off (amber)
           L Anti-lock braking system (amber)
           L Airbag srs (amber)
           L Adaptive front lighting (amber)
           L Rear fog lamps (amber)
           L Diesel glow plug (amber)
           L External temperature (amber)
           L Tyre pressure monitoring (yellow)
           L Hill descent control (green)
           L Cruise control active (green)
           L Side lamps (green)
           L Front fog lamps (green)
           L Direction indicators (green)
           L Trailer direction indicators (green)
           L Auto high beam (green)
           L High beam (blue)
           L Eco active (green)
      L Heating and ventilation
           L Heating and ventilation controls
           L Auto mode
           L Temperature controls
           L Maximum defrost
           L Air distribution control
           L Heated screens
           L Front seat heaters
           L Recirculation
           L Recirculation with pollution and humidity sensing
           L Water deposits
           L Heated mirrors
           L Timed climate
           L Auxiliary heater
           L Timed climate remote control
           L Replacing remote control batteries
           L Additional remote controls
      L Storage compartments
           L Cup holders and storage
           L Auxiliary power sockets
      L Load carrying
           L Rear loadspace
           L Roof racks
           L Luggage anchor points
      L Towing
           L Recommended towing weights
           L Towing a trailer
           L Trailer levelling
           L Trailer electrical connection
           L Powered tailgate
           L Parking aids
           L Trailer stability assist (TSA)
           L Hitch assist
           L Detachable tow ball
           L Tow ball options
           L Trailer hitch - australia only
           L Tow bar dimensions
      L Starting the engine
           L Switching on the ignition
           L Engine starting
           L Engine starting: automatic transmission
           L Engine starting: manual transmission
           L If the engine fails to start
           L Switching off the engine
           L Switching off the engine with the vehicle moving
           L Rolling re-start
           L Keyless start backup
           L Stop/start (manual transmission only)
           L Conditions preventing automatic engine stop
           L Conditions causing automatic engine restart
           L Disabling stop/start
           L Eco stall recovery
           L Emission control system
           L Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
      L Gearbox
           L Automatic transmission
           L Park
           L Reverse gear
           L Neutral
           L Drive
           L Sport mode
           L Commandshift™
           L Kick-down
           L Drive selector
           L Drive selector fails to elevate
           L Transmission fault
           L Manual transmission
           L Gear shift indicator
      L Brakes
           L Foot brakes
           L Abs warning lamp
           L Steep slopes
           L Emergency brake assist (EBA)
           L Electronic brake distribution (EBD)
           L Electric parking brake (EPD)
           L Epb manual use
           L Epb automatic use
           L Epb warning indicators
      L Cruise control
           L Using cruise control
           L Set or increase cruise speed
           L Decreasing cruise speed
           L Suspending and resuming cruise control
           L Automatic switch off
           L Cruise eco data
      L Stability control
           L Dynamic stability control (DSC)
           L Dsc warning lamp
           L Disabling dsc
           L Re-enabling dsc
           L Electronic traction control (ETC)
           L Adaptive dynamics
      L Terrain response
           L Before driving off-road
           L Terrain response operation
           L Dynamic
           L General program (special programs off)
           L Grass-gravel-snow
           L Mud-ruts
           L Sand
           L Wading
           L Driver override options
           L System difficulties
           L Terrain response messages
      L Hill descent control
           L Hill descent control (HDC) controls
           L Hdc operation
           L Gradient release control (GRC)
           L Brake temperature
           L System fault
           L Automatic systems
      L Parking aids
           L Parking aids
           L Towing
           L Cleaning the sensors
           L System fault
           L Rear view camera
      L Park assist
           L Park assist
           L System fault
           L Sensor care
      L Touch screen
           L Touch screen overview
           L Using the touch screen
           L Touch screen display icons
           L Pop-ups
           L Home menu
           L Set-up
           L Screen
           L System
           L Voice
           L Valet
           L Extra features
           L Touch screen care
      L Camera systems
           L Surround camera system
      L Audio/video overview
           L Audio/video controls
           L Settings
           L Loading discs
           L Usb video
           L Licensing
           L Gracenote® end user license agreement
      L Radio
           L Radio controls
           L Radio data system (RDS)
      L DAB radio
           L Dab radio controls
           L Settings - options
           L Digital radio reception
           L Ensembles
      L Portable media
           L My music controls
           L Mp3 file playback
           L Portable media connections
           L Playing a portable device
           L Connecting a device
           L Aux input socket
           L Pairing and connecting a bluetooth® media device
           L Automatic reconnection
           L Loss of connection
           L Changing/disconnecting a device
      L Television
           L Tv controls
           L Full screen view controls
           L Tv/my video media inhibit with vehicle moving
      L Video media player
           L Dvd/video media controls
           L Divx video on demand
           L Full screen view controls
           L Tv/my video media inhibit with vehicle moving
      L Dual view
           L Dual view touch screen
           L How it works
           L Dual view selection
           L Dual view control menu
           L Dual view tv operation
           L Dual view video operation
      L Rear seat entertainment
           L Supervisor screen controls
           L Introduction to rear seat entertainment (RSE)
           L Settings
           L Touch screen remote control
           L Using the system
           L Headphones
           L Remote control battery
      L Voice control
           L Voice control operation
           L Voice tutorial
           L Voice training
           L Voicetags
           L Navigation poi voice commands
      L Telephone
           L Bluetooth® information
           L Telephone compatibility
           L Telephone safety
           L Telephone system controls
           L Pairing and connecting from your mobile phone
           L Pairing and connecting from the touch screen
           L Changing the connected phone
           L Touch screen icons
           L Steering wheel icons
           L Call volume
           L Digit dial
           L Phonebook
           L Last 10
      L Navigation system
           L The navigation system
           L Things you need to know
           L Accessing navigation
           L Vehicle position error
           L Navigation controls
           L Map split screen
           L Screen modes
           L Search area
           L Setting a destination
           L Start guidance
           L Easy route
           L Learn route
           L Voice guidance
           L Stop route guidance
           L Quick poi selection
           L Restore system defaults
           L Memory points
           L Memory point details
           L Postcode
           L Emergency
           L Map
           L Coordinates
           L Previous
           L Motorway
           L Points of interest (POI)
           L Dealer locations
           L Entry by town
           L Poi categories and sub-categories
           L Search area
           L List soft key
           L All softkey
           L Local poi search
           L Rds-tmc overview
           L Rds-tmc display
           L Rds-tmc icons
           L Level 1 tmc event icons
           L Level 2 tmc event icons
           L Using tmc
           L Ordnance survey data
           L Ownership
           L Licence grant
           L Licence terms
           L Limitations of use
           L Limitation of liability
           L Navteq corporation
           L Ownership
           L Licence grant
           L Limitations of use
           L Transfer
           L Disclaimer of warranty
           L Limitation of liability
           L Government end users
           L European declaration of conformity
      L Fuel and refuelling
           L Safety precautions
           L Petrol engined vehicles
           L Octane rating
           L Ethanol
           L Methanol
           L Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE)
           L Reformulated gasoline
           L Diesel engined vehicles
           L Sulphur content
           L Running out of fuel
           L Fuel filler flap
           L Fuel filler
           L Diesel misfuelling protection device
           L Fuel tank capacity
           L Fuel specification
           L Fuel consumption
           L Urban cycle
           L Extra-urban cycle
           L Combined
      L Maintenance
           L Service intervals
           L Service portfolio
           L Owner maintenance
           L Daily checks
           L Weekly checks
           L Driving in arduous conditions
           L Anti-theft system
           L Airbag system
           L Disability modifications
           L Parts and accessories
           L Road testing dynamometers (rolling roads)
           L Safety in the garage
           L Fuel system
           L Service data recording
           L Changing a bulb
           L Xenon lamps
           L Headlamps
           L Direction indicator and side lamp bulbs
           L Rear lamp bulbs
           L Rear fog lamp
           L Cleaning the exterior
           L Using white spirit
           L Underbody maintenance
           L Cleaning after off-road driving
           L Glass surfaces
           L Cleaning the rear screen
           L Repairing minor paint damage
           L Cleaning the interior
           L Cloth and fabric
           L Leather
           L Seat belts
           L Airbag module covers
           L Carpet and mats
           L Instrument panel,touch screen and audio system
           L Wiper blade replacement
      L Fluid level checks
           L Opening and closing the bonnet
           L Poisonous fluids
           L Used engine oil
           L Engine compartment overview
           L Engine oil check
           L Oil check preparation
           L Topping up the engine oil
           L Engine oil specification
           L Coolant level check
           L Topping up the coolant
           L Coolant antifreeze
           L Brake/clutch fluid check
           L Topping up the brake/clutch fluid
           L Washer fluid check
           L Topping up the washer fluid
           L Blocked washer jets
      L Vehicle battery
           L Battery warning symbols
           L Battery care
           L Starting a disabled vehicle using booster cables
           L Starting a disabled vehicle using a starting aid
           L Removing the vehicle battery
           L Charging or replacing the vehicle battery
           L Effects of battery disconnection
      L Fuses
           L Fuse box locations
           L Changing a fuse
           L Engine compartment fuse box
           L Passenger compartment fuse box
           L Luggage compartment fuse box
      L Technical specifications
           L Engine specifications
           L Lubricants and fluids
           L Capacities
           L Weights
           L Wheel alignment data (China)
           L Pedal travel (China)
           L Dimensions - coupe and 5 door
           L Bulb specification chart
           L Wheels and tyres
           L Smart key system transmitters
      L Tyre pressure monitoring system
           L Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM) system
           L Tpm system messages
           L Tyre change
           L Replacement sensor
      L Tyre repair kit
           L Tyre repair kit
           L Safety information
           L Land rover tyre repair kit
           L Using the repair kit
           L Repair procedure
           L Checking the tyre pressure after a repair
      L Wheel changing
           L Changing a road wheel
           L Removing the temporary spare wheel
           L Temporary spare wheel
           L Using wheel chocks
           L Wheel changing safety
           L Locking wheel nuts
           L Releasing locking wheel nuts
           L Wheel changing
      L Tyres
           L Tyre care
           L Tyre pressures
           L Checking the tyre pressures
           L Tyre valves
           L Punctured tyres
           L Replacement tyres
           L Tyre pressure compensation for low ambient temperature changes
           L Tyre pressure compensation - high ambient temperatures
           L Flat spots due to long term parking
           L Age degradation
           L Winter tyres
           L Using traction devices
           L Tpms inflation pressure compensation
      L Vehicle recovery
           L Recovery
           L Towing eyes
           L Off-road recovery
           L Towing the vehicle on four wheels
           L After towing on four wheels
      L After a collision
           L Before starting or driving
           L Event data recording
      L Vehicle labels
           L Label locations
           L Vehicle build date plate (Australia only)

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque L538 (2011–2018) Service Manual

      L Description and Operation
           L General Information
                L Petrol and Petrol-Ethanol Fuel Systems Health and Safety Precautions
                L Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Health and Safety Precautions
                L Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Index DTC
                     L Audio Amplifier Module (AAM)
                     L Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
                     L Audio Front Control Module (ACM)
                     L Terrain Response Switchpack (TR)
                     L Central Junction Box (CJB)
                     L Digital Audio Broadcast Module (DABM)
                     L Gearshift Module (GSM)
                     L Headlamp Leveling Control Module (HLCM)
                     L Rear View Mirror
                     L Climate Control Module (HVAC)
                     L Instrument Cluster (IC)
                     L Parking Aid Module (PAM)
                     L Electric Park Brake Control Module (EPBCM)
                     L Engine Control Module (PCM)
                     L Electric Power Assisted Steering Module (EPAS)
                     L Restraints Control Module (RCM)
                     L Active On-demand Coupling Control Module
                     L Rear Seat Entertainment Module (REM)
                     L Keyless Vehicle Module (KVM)
                     L Luggage Compartment Powered Lid Module
                     L Steering Wheel Module
                     L Continuously Variable Damping Module (CVD)
                     L Transmission Control Module (TCM)
                     L Television Module (TVM)
                     L Electric Steering Column Lock Module (ESCL)
                     L Driver/Passenger Door Module (DDM/PDM)
                     L Driver/Passenger Seat Module (DSM/PSM)
                     L Fuel Fired Booster Heater Control Module (FFBHCM)
                     L Image Processing Module (Multi-Camera)
                     L Rear View Camera (RVC)
                     L Satellite Digital Audio Radio System Module (SDARS)
                     L Audio Front Control Module (ACM) - Low Line
                     L Touch Screen (TS)
                     L Blind Spot Monitoring Module (SODL/SODR)
                L Health and Safety Precautions
                L Solvents, Sealants and Adhesives
                L Diesel Fuel System Health and Safety Precautions
                L Standard Workshop Practices
                     L Vehicle in Workshop
                     L Bolt and Nut Identification
                     L Pipes and Hoses
                     L Electrical Precautions
                     L Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) Precautions
                     L Front Airbag Deployment - Driver and Passenger
                L About This Manual
                L Road/Roller Testing
                L How To Use This Manual
                L General Service Information
           L Identification Codes
           L Jacking and Lifting
                L Jacking
                L Lifting
                L Vehicle Recovery
           L Maintenance Schedules
                L Maintenance Schedules - Gasoline Engines
                L Maintenance Schedules - Diesel Engines
           L Vehicle Transportation Aids and Vehicle Storage
      L Body and Paint
           L Front End Body Panels
           L Body Closures
                L Liftgate Alignment, Front Door
                L Power Liftgate Switch, Liftgate
                L Rear Door
                L Fuel Filler Door
                L Body Closures - Component Location, System Operation and Component Description
           L Interior Trim and Ornamentation
                L A-Pillar Trim Panel, B-Pillar Upper Trim Panel 5-Door
                L B-Pillar Lower Trim Panel, D-Pillar Trim Panel
                L Front Door Trim Panel
                L Rear Door Trim Panel
                L Headliner
                L Engine Cover GTDi 2.0L Petrol, Engine Cover TD4 2.2L Diesel
                L Loadspace Trim Panel
                L C-Pillar Upper Trim Panel
                L Rear Quarter Trim Panel
           L Exterior Trim and Ornamentation
           L Rear View Mirrors
           L Seating
                L Seats - Diagnosis and Testing
                L Seats - System Operation and Component Description
                L Front Seat
                L Front Seat Backrest Cover
                L Rear Seat Backrest Cover 5-Door
                L Front Seat Track Motor
                L Front Seat Recliner Motor
                L Front Seat Height Adjustment Motor
                L Front Seat Cushion Cover
                L Rear Seat Cushion Cover
                L Front Seat Backrest Heater Mat
                L Rear Seat Backrest Cover 3-Door
                L Front Seat Track
                L Heater Mats
                L Passenger Seat Cushion Heater Mat
                L Front Seat Tilt Assembly
                L Front Seat Backrest Cover Vehicles With: Sports Seats
                L Lumbar Assembly Vehicles With: Sports Seats
                L Front Seat Cushion Cover Vehicles With: Sports Seats
                L Driver Seat Cushion Vehicles With: Sports Seats
                L Passenger Seat Cushion Vehicles With: Sports Seats
           L Glass, Frames and Mechanisms
                L Glass, Frames and Mechanisms - Component Location, System Operation and Component Description
                L Front/Rear Door Window Glass
                L Rear Quarter Window Glass 3-Door
                L Liftgate Window Glass
                L Windshield Glass
                L Front Door Window Regulator and Motor
                L Glass Roof Panel
                L Glass Roof Panel Blind
                L Glass Roof Panel Blind Motor
                L Rear Quarter Window Glass 5-Door
           L Instrument Panel and Console
                L Instrument Panel TD4 2.2L Diesel
                L Instrument Panel GTDi 2.0L Petrol
                L Instrument Panel Upper Section
                L Floor Console
                L Overhead Console
                L Floor Console Upper Section
           L Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems
                L Locks, Latches and Entry Systems
                L Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems - System Operation and Component Description
                     L Control Diagram, System Operation
                     L Component Description
                L Front/Rear Door Latch
                L Exterior Front/Rear Door Handle
           L Wipers and Washers
                L Wipers and Washers - Component Location, System Operation and Component Description
                L Wipers and Washers - Removal and Installation
           L Bumpers
           L Safety Belt System
           L Supplemental Restraint System
                L Air Bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
                L Restraints Control Module (RCM)
                L Side Air Bag Module
                L Side Air Curtain Module
                L Clockspring
                L Air Bag and Safety Belt Pretensioner Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
                L Side Air Bag Module Vehicles With: Sports Seats
           L Body Repairs - General Information
           L Body Repairs - Corrosion Protection
           L Body Repairs - Vehicle Specific Information and Tolerance Checks
           L Front End Sheet Metal Repairs
                L Front Bumper Mounting
                L Front Side Member
                L Front Side Member and Suspension Top Mount Assembly
                L Suspension Top Mount
                L Front Side Member Section
                L Fender Apron Panel Reinforcement
                L Fender Apron Lower Panel
                L Fender Apron Upper Panel
                L Front Side Member Closing Panel
                L Fender Apron Panel Front Reinforcement
           L Roof Sheet Metal Repairs - 5-Door
                L Roof Panel Vehicles Without: Sliding Roof Opening Panel
                L Roof Front Panel Vehicles With: Sliding Roof Opening Panel
           L Side Panel Sheet Metal Repairs - 5-Door
                L Side Panel
                L A-Pillar Outer Panel
                L A-Pillar Reinforcement
                L B-Pillar Reinforcement
                L Rocker Panel Inner Reinforcement
                L Rocker Panel
                L B-Pillar Outer Panel
           L Rear End Sheet Metal Repairs - 5-Door
                L Quarter Panel
                L Rear Side Member Section
                L Rear Side Member Closing Panel
                L Spare Wheel Well
                L Rear Wheelhouse Outer
                L Rear Bumper Mounting

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