Range Rover Evoque: Park assist

only. It Park assist is a driving aid only. It remains the driver's responsibility to drive with due care and attention during parking manoeuvres.
Park assist may not detect moving objects such as children and animals, until they are dangerously close.
Always use extreme caution when manoeuvring.

detect Park assist sensors may not detect some obstructions (e.g. narrow posts, small objects close to the ground and some objects with dark non-reflective surfaces).

1. To activate, press the Park Assist button

1. To activate, press the Park Assist button while driving forwards at less than 30km/h (19mph). The indicator lamp in the button illuminates.

Note: For the system to operate effectively, maintain a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 meters (1.6 to 4.9 ft) between the vehicle and the line of parked vehicles / obstacles in which you want to park.

2. The Park Assist display appears in the message centre and shows the Searching message and graphic.

Note: If vehicle speed exceeds 30km/h (19mph), SLOW DOWN! is displayed until speed decreases to less than 30km/h (19mph) again. If vehicle speed is not reduced, Park Assist is de-activated and the indicator light in the button is extinguished.

3. When first activated Park Assist searches for a space on the front passenger side of the vehicle. To search for a space on the driver’s side, signal a turn in that direction.

4. As you drive forward, the size of potential

4. As you drive forward, the size of potential parking spaces is assessed and the results shown in the Park Assist display. A short confirmation tone sounds when a space is found.

5. The display will show a message to stop or

5. The display will show a message to stop or to drive forward to a starting point, depending on the vehicle’s current position.

6. The display will instruct when to select reverse gear. Park Assist will then take control of the vehicle’s steering system so you must release the steering wheel. Apply the accelerator carefully to move the vehicle slowly into the parking space. Use the brake to stop when instructed to do so by the Park Assist display.

7. If further manoeuvring is required for the chosen parking space, select forward / reverse gear and continue to follow instructions provided by the Park Assist display.

8. When the parking manoeuvre is completed, STOP will be displayed.

Note: A parking manoeuvre can be cancelled at any point by holding / turning the steering wheel or by pressing the Park Assist button.

Note: If vehicle speed exceeds 16 km/h (10 mph), Park Assist will display a SLOW DOWN! message until speed decreases to less than 10km/h (6mph). If vehicle speed is not reduced, Park Assist will de-activate and the indicator lamp in the Park Assist button will extinguish.

Note: The parking aid system is enabled as normal and will sound when objects are detected near the vehicle.


 System fault

If a system fault is detected, a continuous tone will sound and a message will be displayed in the message centre. Contact your Dealer/ Authorised Repairer as soon as possible.

 Sensor care

When washing the vehicle do not aim high pressure water jets directly at the sensors. Do not use abrasive materials or hard/sharp objects to clean the sensors. Only use approved vehicle shampo

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