Range Rover Evoque: Set or increase cruise speed

control to the When setting the cruise control to the speed limit, it is important to remember that it is possible for the vehicle speed to increase when travelling downhill.
This may result in the vehicle speed exceeding the speed limit.

Note: Cruise control can be engaged only at speeds in excess of 30km/h (18mph).

Accelerate until the desired speed is reached, then press control (1). This sets the vehicle speed into the system's memory. Cruise control will now maintain that speed.

lamp The cruise control warning lamp will illuminate to confirm cruise control is operational.

Speed can still be increased using the accelerator pedal. As soon as the accelerator pedal is released, the vehicle speed will return to the set cruising speed.

Note: If the accelerator pedal is pressed for more than 60 seconds, cruise control will be cancelled.

To increase the set cruise speed, press and hold control (1). Release the switch when the desired speed is reached, the new speed will be set and maintained.

The speed can be increased in steps of 2km/h (1mph), by briefly pressing control (1).

Speed can also be increased using the accelerator. When the desired speed is reached press control (1) to set and maintain the new speed.

Note: The set speed can be erased only by switching off the ignition.


 Decreasing cruise speed

To reduce cruising speed, press and hold control (4). Release the switch when the desired speed is reached, the new speed will be set and maintained. The set speed can be decreased in steps of 2k

 Suspending and resuming cruise control

Suspend cruise control with a single press of control (3). To resume cruise control at the previous set speed, press control (2). RES (2) should be used only if the driver is aware of the set

 Automatic switch off

Cruise control will switch off but the set speed will remain in the memory when: - The CAN button (3) is pressed. - The brake pedal is pressed. - Speed falls below 30km/h (18mph). - Neutral, Park


 Electric seats

Electric seats 1. Lumbar support adjustment. 2. Backrest adjustment. 3. Head restraint adjustment. 4. Height adjustment. 5. Forward and back adjustment. 6. Cushion angle adjustment. To adjust the seats, the Smart Key must be inside the vehicle. Do not adjust the seat while the vehicle

 Wireless charger (if equipped)

A portable device, such as a smartphone or mobile battery, can be charged by just placing it on the charging area, provided the device is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium. The wireless charger cannot be used with a portable device that is la

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