Range Rover Evoque: LTA (Lane Tracing Assist)

LTA functions

Use this function only on highways and expressways.

If the dynamic radar cruise control is not operating, the function will not operate.

In situations where the lane lines are difficult to see or are not visible, such as when in a traffic jam, support will be provided using the path of preceding and surrounding vehicles.

If the system determines that the steering wheel has not been operated for a certain amount of time or the steering wheel is not being firmly gripped, the driver will be alerted and this function will be temporarily canceled.

If the steering wheel is firmly gripped, the function will begin operating again.

Using the driving support systems

When the buzzer sounds, check the area around the vehicle and carefully operate the steering wheel to move the vehicle back to the center of the lane.

Using the driving support systems


■Before using the LTA system

■Operating conditions of function

This function is operable when all of the following conditions are met:

■Temporary cancelation of functions

■Lane departure warning function when the LTA is operating

■Hands off steering wheel warning operation

Using the driving support systems

■Situations in which the hands off steering wheel warning may not operate properly

Enabling/disabling the system

The LTA will change between ON/OFF each time the LTA switch is pressed.

When the LTA is ON, the LTA indicator will illuminate.

Using the driving support systems


■Situations in which the functions may not operate properly

In the following situations, the functions may not operate properly and the vehicle may depart from its lane. Do not overly rely on these functions. The driver is solely responsible for paying attention to their surroundings and operating the steering wheel as necessary to ensure safety.

Using the driving support systems

Operation display of steering wheel operation support

The operating state of the LTA system is indicated.

Using the driving support systems


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