Range Rover Evoque: RSA (Road Sign Assist)

The RSA system detects specific road signs using the front camera and/or navigation system (when speed limit information is available) and warns the driver via displays and buzzers.


■For safe use

■Situations in which the RSA should not be used

■Situations in which the system may not operate properly

Display Function

Depending on the specifications of the vehicle, the number of displayed signs may be limited.

■Operating conditions of sign display

Signs will be displayed when the following conditions are met:

In the following situations, a displayed sign may stop being displayed:

■Situations in which the display function may not operate properly

In the following situations, the RSA system may not operate properly and may not detect signs or may display the incorrect sign. However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

In this case, the speed limit signs displayed on the multi-information display and navigation system display may differ.

Notification function

In the following situations, the RSA system will output a warning to notify the driver.

■Operating conditions of the notification functions

This function will operate when the following condition is met:

  • A speed limit road sign is recognized by the system.

This function will operate when all of the following conditions are met:

  • More than one no entry road signs are recognized by the system simultaneously.
  • The vehicle is passing between no entry road signs recognized by the system.

Types of road signs supported

However, non-standard or recently introduced traffic signs may not be displayed.

  Speed limit

  Speed limit

Do Not Enter

   No U-turn

  No Turn On Red




  Duplicate display example

  Duplicate display example

Changing RSA settings

The following settings of the RSA can be changed through customize settings.


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