Range Rover Evoque: System detection range

■ Detection range of the sensors

Using the driving support systems

  1. Approximately 3.3 ft. (100 cm)
  2. Approximately 4.9 ft. (150 cm)
  3. Approximately 2.0 ft. (60 cm)

The diagram shows the detection range of the sensors. Note that the sensors cannot detect objects that are extremely close to the vehicle.

The range of the sensors may change depending on the shape of the object, etc.

■ The distance and buzzer

Using the driving support systems

Using the driving support systems

*: Automatic buzzer mute function is enabled.

■ Buzzer operation and approximate distance to object

A buzzer sounds when the sensors are operating.

■ Adjusting the buzzer volume

The buzzer volume can be adjusted on the multi-information display.

The buzzer volume of the intuitive parking assist and RCTA (if equipped) can be adjusted all together on of the multi-information display.

■ Muting a buzzer

When an object is detected, the temporary mute switch is displayed on the audio system screen.

Select the switch to mute the buzzer of the intuitive parking assist and RCTA (if equipped) all together.

Mute will be canceled automatically in the following situations:


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