Range Rover Evoque: The keys

The following keys are provided with the vehicle.


  1. Keys

Operating the wireless remote control function

  1. Key number plate

Vehicles with a smart key system


  1. Electronic keys
  1. Mechanical keys
  2. Key number plate

■When riding in an aircraft

When bringing a key or an electronic key onto an aircraft, make sure you do not press any buttons on the key or the electronic key while inside the aircraft cabin. If you are carrying a key or an electronic key in your bag, etc., ensure that the buttons are not likely to be pressed accidentally. Pressing a button may cause the key or the electronic key to emit radio waves that could interfere with the operation of the aircraft.

■Key battery depletion

Vehicles without a smart key system

Vehicles with a smart key system

■Confirmation of the registered key number

The number of keys already registered to the vehicle can be confirmed.

Ask your Toyota dealer for details.

■If "A New Key has been Registered Contact Your Dealer for Details" is shown on the multi-information display (vehicles with a smart key system)

This message will be displayed each time the driver's door is opened when the doors are unlocked from the outside for approximately 10 days after a new electronic key has been registered.

If this message is displayed but you have not had a new electronic key registered, ask your Toyota dealer to check if an unknown electronic key (other than those in your possession) has been registered.


■To prevent key damage

■Carrying the electronic key on your person (vehicles with a smart key system)

Carry the electronic key 3.9 in. (10 cm) or more away from electric appliances that are turned on.

Radio waves emitted from electric appliances within 3.9 in. (10 cm) of the electronic key may interfere with the key, causing the key to not function properly.


 Wireless remote control

The keys are equipped with the following wireless remote control: Vehicles without a smart key system Locks the doors Unlocks the doors Opens the windows*1 Sounds the alarm Vehicles with a smar

 Using the mechanical key (vehicles with a smart key system)

To take out the mechanical key, slide the release button and take the key out. The mechanical key can only be inserted in one direction, as the key only has grooves on one side. If the key cannot be

 Opening, closing and locking the doors


 Uniform Tire Quality Grading

This information has been prepared in accordance with regulations issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. It provides the purchasers and/or prospective purchasers of Toyota vehicles with information on uniform tire quality grading. You

 Heater Core and Evaporator Core Housing

Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. 1. Make the SRS system safe. Refer to: Standard Workshop Practices (100-00 General Information, Description and Operation). 2. Refer to: Instrument Panel - TD4 2.2L Diesel (501-12 Instrument Panel and Console, Removal a

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